Tips & tricks to use Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter.

How to Customize UI?


Both inexperienced users and professionals can find what they need to make use of Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter with little effort. The straightforward and adjustable UI make it effective while the cutting-edge image encoding techniques guarantees the speed and quality of images processing.

1. Launch Free Image Converter

After you download and install Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter, launch it for UI personalization.

Launch Free Image Converter

2. Choose UI Settings

Click "Appearance" tab and you can perform many UI settings here according to your preference. Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter will remember all your settings.

Choose UI Settings

You can use the program in ribbon form or just display the application buttons. To make the buttons on the screen more accessible via touch, especially when you use the software on your mini laptop, turn on the Touch Mode. You can show/hide the Quick Access Toolbar, add/remove commands, change icon size and even choose menu animations. The color scheme can be changed between blue, black and silver. The context menu style will add more interest in your usage experience - you can choose radial menu mode or mini toolbar mode.

Choose UI Settings

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