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Different Ways to Resize Digital Photos

There are many reasons to resize and convert hundreds of digital photos, among those reasons are it saves space and makes uploading go faster. Large photos are great for their high resolutions, they aren't as good when you want to upload your photos to Facebook.

The images we take with our digital cameras are pretty, but often far too large to easily send through email or upload to a website. If you need to resize your image, there are a variety of tools available for you to do so, and most of them are free. Here we list some ways for you to make your digital photos smaller:

1. Using Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter.

You just need to download and install Free JPG PNG TIF BMP Converter with seconds and then run it to input photos to the program. The next step is to set the proper size and quality by clicking corresponding buttons. Click "Convert" and your photos will be resized according to your demands.

2. Using Free Web Applications.

Open the web application of your choice. There are many web services that will resize your images for free. You will need to upload your image to the site and then choose your resize options. However, almost all of online resizers are restricted by Internet connection and link. Furthermore, most online resizers provide poor output quality and settings.

3. Using Adobe Photoshop.

Open the image in Photoshop. Open the image size tool. Choose your resize method. Choose your resample options. Click OK to resize the image. Yet, to resize hundreds of photos in Photoshop is somewhat complicated because Photoshop does not provide a simple button to do that - you need to spend hours learning how to record a script for batch process.

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